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Carioca police – a crazy bunch

Posted in BRASIL, FACEBOOK by dibarbosa on 13 de dezembro de 2015

Policial Cristo Redentor

I stopped a bit to think about the profession. “POLICE in RIO DE JANEIRO”. I started thinking that are all crazy … Because only fools leave the familiarity of home to spend cold and dark nights, chasing bad guys. Only fools put their lives at risk to protect the lives of those he did not know. Only the fool is going toward danger while everyone flee risk. Only fools die swear to defend a society that does not recognize them. Only madmen enter a profession that takes away your peace, increases your stress and chases him. I came to the conclusion!!!! Yes …. we’re crazy society, ask God to continue always crazy, because if we stay lucid, surely you will be crazy.

fonte: Jair Barbosa/facebook


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